Dynamic Optim | Product Upgrade: Energy Management System (EMS)
Release Date:2020-07-29

Energy Management System (EMS) is the heart of an Energy Storage System, which is responsible for organize and utilize energy reasonably so that to reduce energy losses and increase economic performance. Optim has independently designed and innovated the EMS suitable for power plants to corporate with Optim's energy storage projects and business, which has the main functions include: energy storage system data acquisition, data analysis, data storage, network monitoring, and energy scheduling, etc.

It is better to apply Optim BMS together with Optim EMS to obtain the complete energy storage management system, which can achieve better stability and is more secure. In addition, customized BMS and EMS are available to meet some special requirements. (Click here to know more about Optim BMS)

System Structure

B/S structure, namely browser and server structure, is applied. Users can easily access to the EMS via multiple mainstream browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE edge, etc. There is no need for users to install any other software, maintenance and is easy to operate and upgrade.
B/S System Structure

Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

EMS administrator can assign permission to other users, and determine the data and function scopes for the users depending on their roles. All roles and users are only authorized by the administrators. Therefore, the administrators do not need to assign the permission every time the new user created, which simplifies users' right management, reduce system costs, and enhance system security.

Customized Alarm Line Setting

Alarms can be triggered and alarm record can be displayed on the screen when malfunction occurs. Optim EMS allows customized alarm line for different practical situations, which enhance system's flexibility.

Income settlement

Optim EMS samples and records AGC command data and energy storage output data in real time, and take frequency modulation comprehensive index calculation module, frequency modulation amount calculation module and frequency modulation auxiliary service amount compensation calculation module into account referencing to frequency modulation compensation rules of each power grid, so as to realize independent income settlement contributed from frequency modulation.

Wave Data Analysis

Optim EMS can display simulated waveforms for different channels in turn in one single display window. Those waveforms are available to shown in vector diagram, harmonic analysis, curve calculation and impedance analysis, which helps users to have a clear understanding on system's operating status.

Power Distribution

The main advantages of the energy storage system are fast and accurate frequency modulation response. Energy storage system is responsible for the circumstances that require small output and high frequency, while power generators are responsible for the circumstances that require low frequency and large output, to reduce the wear of the power generators. EMS is responsible for processing AGC commands and decomposing the output value for generators and energy storage system, so that fast and accurate frequency regulation results can be achieved.

Technology Innovation

New Optim EMS has upgraded display interface, which artistically and clearly shows the operation status of the entire energy storage system and is easy to operate. Even the production and operation staff can simply use the SCADA to monitor the equipment and ensure the safe operation of all the equipment.

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