Optim's Sixth Anniversary
Release Date:2020-05-14
What we wish —— Thrive our planet for tomorrow
What we insist —— Providing reliable and affordable solutions is our first step
What we provide —— Smooth and reliable energy experience
What we believe —— Innovation drives green future
OptimTM was founded in May 2014. This is our sixth anniversary!
Over past six years, as a high-tech company, Optim has retained the idea of innovation and technology breakthrough leading to practical application. Optim gathers many young scholars with full of vitality, who committed to independent research and development.

At present, Optim has more than 20 software copyrights, including a series of smart energy and environment systems (SEES).

Optim also has more than 30 patents, including 20 invention patents and 10 practical new-type patents. All aspects of product research and development are covered to promote Optim's future development.

The year of 2019 has seen Optim construct in the principle of Agile Combination of Simple Functional Modules the lines of OPFREE and OPGWALL demonstrating our unique pointed energy solutions based on the smart environmental energy technology. Optim has been committed to delivering a better life for every individual with our innovative storage solutions.


Key performance: SECURITY

The energy storage products in the OPGWALL series support peak shaving and frequency regulation with Optim’s energy management system (OPEMS). The OPGWALL series delivers enhanced power system operation and performance with lower costs and higher profits, thus offering utility consumers greater efficiency, flexibility and reliability across the electric grid.


Key performance: MOBILE & FLEXIBLE

The energy storage products in the OPFREE Series feature advanced lithium-ion battery management and energy management technologies. The OPGWALL series offers secure, reliable and portable green power supply for highly energy-intensive scenarios, including harbors, islands, airports, and communication base stations and help reduce operating costs. Meanwhile, the OPFREE series also provides intelligent energy storage solutions for small businesses and households, delivering a better user experience.


OP3DM using the idea of three-dimensional modelling reconstructs real application scenes and present system data in multi-dimensional way, so that users can simply carry out daily monitoring, management, operation and maintenance through the platform.

360° panoramic technology applied allows users to view the scenes via panoramic rotation and zooming. Combined with electronic fence and electronic control system, platform can be monitored remotely without blind spots to ensure the security of the system at all times.

We always have one simple goal:

To deliver a better life for every individual with our innovative energy storage solutions.

In just six years, as a high-tech company, Optim has received a variety of professionally recognized and nationally accredited certifications. Optim’s LFP battery products have received TUV certification. Optim has held the copyright on the Smart Energy and Environment Software since 2018. The software also passed the test in 2019 and received Certificate of Qualification for the software from Shanghai Software Industry Association.

Moreover, Optim is recognized and certificated:

National High-tech Enterprise
National Science and Technology Oriented Enterprise
National Software Enterprise
Member of the Chinese Society of Power Engineering*
Met ISO standards, including ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001.
* The Chinese Society of Power Engineering is a professional organization for engineers in china, which is a part of China Association for Science and Technology.

Optim will insist on our ideal and goal, and keep running forward in the next 10 years, 20 years or even longer. We will never forget our original intention, so as to contribute ourselves to produce outstanding solutions for global energy market.

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